Our offer

As a company we are aware of how complicated investment is the construction or modernization of accommodation facilities. In interior design it is often necessary to cooperate with a number of subcontractors, and their relative ability to work often affects timely implementation of the project. We meet these difficulties and we offer our clients to provide comprehensive equipment with all the necessary furniture. In our offer, apart from furniture for rooms and kitchens, we also have furniture for hotel bars and restaurants, service rooms, office furniture and reception desks. This ensures improvement of the investment implementation process by reducing the number of subcontractors.

Why custom-made furniture?

While wondering about the furnishings of the rooms, many investors are faced with the necessity to choose between ready-made furniture sets and custom-made furniture. The simplest solution seems to be buying ready-made furniture sets, but what is the simplest is rarely also the best. Custom-made furniture provides maximum use of all available space of the room. The differences in the dimensions of individual rooms are not an obstacle, because the furniture is adjusted individually for each room already at the stage of production. Production of custom-made furniture allows you to update the dimensions and shape of the products along with the emergence of new circumstances impossible to be foreseen at the time of the order. Besides, for furniture made for a particular investment, there are no restrictions on the materials used and also on coloration.

Design and pricing

The functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics of the room depend on the well-executed design. Our products are made according to the projects provided by the customer, and in the absence of them, we offer the possibility of realization of our own. Many years of experience help us to understand the expectations of customers, and our knowledge of design and technology allows economically optimal design furniture. On the basis of the presented draft we proceed to prepare pricing, which is each time adapted to the client’s budget. We always discuss with the client solutions used in relation to hardware, such as handles, hinges and drawer systems, systems for lifting upper fronts, organizers of space inside the cabinet, informing them about the impact of the systems applied on the functionality of the furniture, as well as about the price.

Integrated service

We support our clients at each stage of the investment. At the design stage we answer all the questions and doubts, present solutions proven in the past, or help with the innovative project. While pricing we adapt the product to the client’s budget. During the production our quality control checks each product. Furniture is transported by land and sea. When planning the delivery time, we are in constant contact with the client in order to adapt to the conditions and the timetable applicable to the construction site. We offer support during installation. At the client’s request, our products are accompanied with mounting materials adapted for building materials occurring in areas where our furniture will be assembled. Besides, after completion of the investment we offer efficient warranty and post-warranty service.